What should be the approach for writing a BDC program?

The vendor data stored in various tables. If u want to change the one particular thing (In u r case Country code).The changes need to effect the all the tables. So for that reason u can go to the tcode (XK02) for changing the vendor information.

If some thousands of vendors are need to change the country code. In that u need to do for recording for
one vendor using SHDB tcode.

In report porgram write BDC code to vhange all vendors country codes.

Some of the IQS about BDC:

1 What should be the approach for writing a BDC program?
Ans.: 1. Analysis the Data. 2. Generate SAP structure. 3. Develop transfer program 4. Create sequential file. 5. Create batch input program. 6. Process batch input data

2) What are the steps in a BDC session ?
The first step in a BDC session is to identify the screens of the transaction that the program will process. Next step is to write a program to build the BDC table that will be used to submit the data to SAP. The final step is to submit the BDC table to the system in the batch mode or as a single transaction by the CALL TRANSACTION command.

3)What are the function modules associated with batch input?

4)How do you find the transaction number, program number and field names?
Ans :-
Transaction no.,program no.

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