User Master Record

A valid user master record must exist for all users accessing the SAP system. The user master is accessed through the transaction SU01 (there is a separate version of the tcode, SU01D for display).

SU01 - User Maintenance

SU01 – User Maintenance

There are a number of tabs for maintainining different data for the users. Some of the more important tabs with the data they contain are given below.

  • Address – First, Last Names, Department, Email, Telephone, Language
User Maintenance - Address Data

User Maintenance – Address Data

  • Logon Data – Password, User Group, User Type, Validity
User Maintenance - Logon Data

User Maintenance – Logon Data

  • Parameters – User Parameters
User Maintenance - Parameters

User Maintenance – Parameters

  • Roles – These give access to the differenet function with the SAP system
User Maintenance - Roles

User Maintenance – Roles

  • Profiles – Lists the profiles corresponding to the role entries
User Maintenance - Profiles

User Maintenance – Profiles

  • License Data – License type for user. This field is evaluated as part of license audits.
User Maintenance - License Data

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