IDoc: 0000000003560240 Status 29: Error in ALE service Entry in outbound table not found No partner profile (outbound parameter) could be found using the following key: /0000000000/LS//YHROT_XXM_IN//// This refers to the key fields in table EDP13: RCVPRN Partner number RCVPRT Partner type RCVPFC Partner function MESTYP Logical message MESTYP Message code MESCOD Message function TEST Test indicator Procedure Please check the EDI partner profiles. But The IDOC befor this and after this is successfully run. And even after reprocessing also it is giving same error. After checking Contorl record, we found that there is no data in receipant Info in Partner Tab. What would be the issue.

This is because the reciepient port and partner profile details specified are not correct.

clearly define the PORT for logical system in WE21 and Partner profile in WE20 for the port and logical system you need to send the Idoc. Pass these details in EDIDC

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