Examples For VRML

6 Examples

Source code for a reference implementation of VRMLScript is available in the archive vrmlscript.zip. This source is freely available for use in adding VRMLScript to your browser. Please read the readme.txt file contained in that package. It lists the restrictions for use, which are:

  • you must credit Silicon Graphics for the code
  • you cannot sell the source
  • if you redistribute this package, you must do so intact, including the readme.txt file
  • you may not use the code for purposes other than implementing a VRMLScript compiler and interpreter.

The package contains everything you need to parse and interpret VRMLScript. Also included are classes to implement the data types, including vector and quaternion math, a general MF array class, string functions and time functions. Currently it is packaged for use on a PC with Windows 95 and Microsoft Developer Studio. If you port the code to other environments, please let us know and we will add links to your site

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