Can any one help me to get Exact System requirements (Hardware) for NetWeaver Platform? (I.e. component wise Details) We are planning to move to NetWeaver Stack

Several valid responses are already posted. Let me add a few additional considerations for your requirements analysis, the most difficult issue for hardware sizing/capacity planning.

First of all, you need to identify the business solution you intend to run in the NW environment which means what components of NW stack you will using (like EP, XI, BW, etc.). You need to find the how the end user will access your system. In case an end user access outside of the LAN (say via WAN or dial-up) using https, it will have additional requirements for your hardware as you will need compression enabled for improved response time for WAN. Adding compression or SSL may add additional hardware if you based your sizing based on LAN.

Now for an example, if you have EP in your system, you need to understand how large (say in KB) an average portal page is. How it is connected to the backend system, if any. You need to find out the performance requirements in terms of a predefined “transaction (say an end user click and response)” or in terms of number of either logged-on users (may not be active always but logged on) or concurrent users (active users) or combination of them.

It will make your proper hardware planning challenging. One easy approach is after you define your test case, run some load test on your QA/Staging system. Use the load test data and find out the hardware requirements based on load test. If your requirement is larger than the staging system, you may have to take a staged approach. In that case you roll-out the system to a certain number of users and monitor the system and plan for additional users based on the monitored results.

Hi there, i am trying to assigned default ESS roles automatically in EP for new users that have been created in EP database. I remember that under EP5.0, there was a parameter which i could set to point to a default group, and all new or existing users would be assigned to this group. is there a similar feature in EP6?

it’s the built-in group “Everyone”.

Just go to User Administration — Roles — Search for “Everyone” — Edit — Search for the Roles you want to add to everyone — Add them.

I have made a strange experience with the DTR and Webdynpro projects? When I checkout a Webdynpro project contained in the Repository (with 'Create Project'), I get the respective sources files but I loose the classpath of the project. Could tell me if there is a way around this?

Did you uncheck the box for checking in the classpath file of the project also when a new project is created.

You can find that in Window -> Preferences -> Team -> Ignored Resources.

Here just uncheck the box for .classpath and .project.

After installing all the files on the server, i tried using the demo.htm file came with SAPGUI for java. At the server, the applet on the demo.htm is showing fine, so with a few other users. but there's 1 user that couldn't see the applet. So, we isolated the problem to be the user's computer. we have installed a new JRE plugin and the user could see the sample applet on the sun website. but still, the user couldn't see the applet in demo.htm.

have you checked the Proxy Settings of the Browser? Have you cleared the Browser Cache?