I have a query. I need to default the date of birth field(it0002) , while running a personnel Action (rehiring external employee or hiring external employee), irrespective of country grouping. I did the following step: 0002 04 80 P P0000-MASSN='G2' '''''type ur action type number in ' ' 0002 04 80 P P0000-MASSN='G4' '''''type ur action type number in ' ' 0002 04 82 P T001P-MOLGA='' '' country code 0002 04 84 I INS,0002,,,(P0000-BEGDA),(P0000-ENDDA)/D 0002 04 86 W P0002-GBDAT='19100101' remove infotype 0002 from these two infogroups.

So what is the issue?

Your dynamic action is not working?

If so, then I think that your condition of “irrespective of country grouping” should not be checked in dynamic action.

0002 04 82 P T001P-MOLGA=” ” country code

Just remove this condition & check it.

It should work.