What are the 3 things that are contained in EDM (Entity Data Model) ?

Conceptual Model: Conceptual model is your model classes and their relationships. All the tables in the database are mapped into entities here.

Storage Model: Storage model is your database design model which includes tables, views, stored procedures and their relationships and keys.

Mapping: Mapping consist information about how your conceptual model is mapped to storage model like nvarchar type is mapped into string type in the conceptual model.

What is a Scalar and Navigation property in Entity framework ?

Scalar property are properties whose actual values are contained in the entity. A property of an entity that maps to a single field in the storage model.
E.g. Student entity has scalar properties e.g. StudentId, StudentName. These correspond with the Student table columns.

Navigation property is used to navigate through relations in data. It allows you to navigate from one entity to a “connected” entity.
E.g. if a user is connected to a role, you can use the “Role” navigation to read and inspect the role associated with that user. Basically it is equivalent to a foreign key relationship in a database.

Explain about refactoring of web.config in ASP.NET 4.0 ?

The major configuration elements in ASP.NET 4.0 are moved to the machine.config file. Now, the applications are inheritting these settings.
The advantage of this setting is that, the web.config file in ASP.NET 4 applications to be empty or to specify only which version of the framework the application is targeting.
This can be seen clearly in the below example.


< ? xml version="1.0" ? >
< configuration >
< system.web >
< compilation targetFramework="4.0" / >
< / system.web >
< / configuration >

What do you mean by IIS Metabase ?

For storing Internet Information Server (IIS) configuration settings, we use metabase which is a structure.It is specific to Internet Information Server version 4.0 but performs some of the same functions as the Windows system registry.New keys and values are added for flexible control of IIS.

How can you detect if a viewstate is tampered ?

The EnableViewStateMac attribute will check the encoded and encrypted viewstate for tampering.
By setting the EnableViewStateMac to true in the @Page directive you can detect if a viewstate is tampered