Accessing Fields

4 Accessing Fields

The fields, eventIns and eventOuts of a Script node are accessible from its VRMLScript functions. As in all other nodes the fields are accessible only within the Script. The Script’s eventIns can be routed to and its eventOuts can be routed from. Another Script node with a pointer to this node can access its eventIns and eventOuts just like any other node.

4.1 Accessing Fields and EventOuts of the Script

Fields defined in the Script node are available to the script by using its name. It’s value can be read or written. This value is persistent across function calls. EventOuts defined in the script node can also be read. The value is the last value sent.

4.2 Accessing Fields and EventOuts of Other Nodes

The script can access any exposedField, eventIn or eventOut of any node to which it has a pointer:

    DEF SomeNode Transform { }
    Script {
        field SFNode node USE SomeNode
        eventIn SFVec3f pos
        directOutput TRUE
        url "... 
            function pos(value) { 
                node.set_translation = value; 

This sends a set_translation eventIn to the Transform node. An eventIn on a passed node can appear only on the left side of the assignment. An eventOut in the passed node can appear only on the right side, which reads the last value sent out. Fields in the passed node cannot be accessed, but exposedFields can either send an event to the “set_…” eventIn, or read the current value of the “…_changed” eventOut. This follows the routing model of the rest of VRML.

4.3 Sending EventOuts

Assigning to an eventOut sends that event at the completion of the currently executing function. This implies that assigning to the eventOut multiple times during one execution of the function still only sends one event and that event is the last value assigned.

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